Millard Family Dental


When Quality Matters

We at Millard Family Dentistry take our dedication to continued learning opportunities and delivering quality dentistry, very seriously. We not only use top materials and laboratory services, but, we also take the time necessary with each patient to complete treatment properly.

Millard Family Dentistry StaffAlthough dentistry in general is entering into the realm of "corporate dentistry", where patients may feel they are shuttled in and out, and dentists may feel they have to take short-cuts if complications arise, in order to stay on a compressed corporate schedule, we remain determined to resist that trend.

Throughout our 30+ years of private dental practice, we have continued to perform not only our own comprehensive dental exams, including oral cancer screenings of all patients, but also have continued to do our own cleanings. What that means, is instead of a hygiene exam and cleaning by a dental hygienist, and maybe a 5-10 minute hurried check by the dentist, Dr. June and Dr. Gary do the dental scaling themselves. Using that time to not only thoroughly examine the patient's oral condition, but also educate and answer any questions directly from the patient. And providing dentistry with compassion and caring also, means not administering local anesthetic as fast as possible, but rather more slowly, to reduce patient discomfort. And as a patient, not feeling rushed to make an immediate decision on treatment alternatives.

We feel after our years of general practice dentistry experience and continuing education, that we not only can provide all aspects of dentistry, including aesthetic veneers, "Procera" zirconium anterior crowns, implant restorations, and most endodontic and oral surgery procedures, but also, the time and caring necessary to provide optimal dental care.

In other words, patients seek our services "when quality matters."